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Scott A. Schmidt - Piano Lessons

Background Information:

I have been teaching piano lessons since April 2008. I teach piano lessons to students from age 8 on up to adults. I have taught both beginning children and adult students. I also teach more experienced students about jazz music and improvisation.

For children ages 8 through 10, I use a piano method book entitled Piano Town. Piano Town was created by Keith Snell and Diane Hidy. It has four levels and each level includes piano performance and music theory. I have had good results using Piano Town and the kids seem to like this method.

For older beginners ages 11 and up, I use a piano method book called Accelerated Piano Adventures by Nancy and Randall Faber. It has two levels and includes a lesson book, a music theory book, and a popular repertoire book. Older kids like this piano method. It is both challenging and interesting. You build piano playing skills step by step.

For beginning adult students, I use a piano method book called Adult Piano Adventures by Nancy and Randall Faber. I like to teach using the all-in-one lesson book because it includes piano solos, techniques, and music theory. Adult Piano Adventures has two levels and is quite good.

I like to supplement both piano methods with additional songs that are appropriate for Halloween, Christmas, and other holidays. I have a wide selection of lead sheets that I also teach to supplement the piano method books. This allows some of my students to play pop tunes that are both familiar and fun.

Each of the piano method books I mentioned above are user-friendly. They help you build piano playing skills a step at a time. If you invest some of your time and energy, you will become a skilled pianist.

My piano students generally do well at the WSMA District Solo and Ensemble contest.

Studio Policies:

The cost of each lesson is $22 for a 30 minute lesson. The cost of lessons can be reduced if you purchase lessons in 10-packs, 15-packs, or 20-packs. A pack of 10 lessons costs $200 or $20 per lesson. A pack of 15 lessons costs $285 or $19 per lesson. A pack of 20 lessons costs $360 or $18 per lesson.

Lessons must be paid for by personal checks made payable to DigiJazz Corporation and are non-refundable.

Parents are to provide their student with an acoustic piano to practice on. A digital piano can be substituted in certain cases if the keys on the digital piano have weighted hammer action.

Students will need to purchase the piano method books that they are using. The cost of each Piano Town book is generally $6.95. With Piano Town books I usually use the Lesson Book, Performance Book, Theory Book, and Note-speller Book, so the total cost of 4 books is about $26.00. The total cost of Accelerated Piano Adventures Lesson book and Theory book is about $16.00. The cost of Adult Piano Adventures All-In-One books is $15.95. All lesson books are sold by Scott directly and once they are purchased, they are non-refundable. I will ship piano books for use during our piano lessons anywhere in the United States.

Practice time is needed on a daily basis for each student to be successful. For beginning students I recommend 10 to 15 minutes of practice daily. I will communicate to students and parents what is expected.

Lessons start promptly at the agreed time.

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